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  • The non-periodic or periodically distributed concave-convex imprints on the surface of the stainless steel strip are called indentations.


  • 304 stainless steel plate has beautiful surface and diversified use possibilities, good corrosion resistance, and is more durable than ordinary steel. 304 stainless steel plate has good corrosion resistance and high strength. Fire-resistant normal temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing, because no surface treatment is required, so it is simple, easy to maintain and clean, high finish and good welding performance.


  • Stainless steel is steel that is not easy to rust. The main alloying element in stainless steel strips is Cr (chromium). Only when the Cr content reaches a certain value, the steel has corrosion resistance. The general Cr content of stainless steel strips is at least 10.5%. The corrosion resistance mechanism of the stainless steel strip is the passive film theory, that is, an extremely thin, firm and fine stable Cr-rich passivation film is formed on the surface to prevent oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and oxidize, thereby achieving the ability to prevent corrosion.


  • Rolling means that the metal is passed through a series of heavy rolls whereby its thickness is reduced and it takes on a defined shape. As a result, rolled steel enables the production of sheet metal steel for various industrial purposes, such as cold rolled stainless steel coils for standard structural components in rolled shapes or special custom profiles. What is cold rolling technology?


  • Determinants of the heat transfer coefficient of stainless steel plates The total heat transfer coefficient of metals depends on other factors in addition to the thermal conductivity of the metal.


  • Stainless Steel Coils are hot pressed from steel and cold pressed into coils. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, it is convenient to process. It is divided into hot-rolled stainless steel coils and cold-rolled stainless steel coils. Steel coils are sold in the form of coils, mainly for large customers.