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  • Determinants of the heat transfer coefficient of stainless steel plates The total heat transfer coefficient of metals depends on other factors in addition to the thermal conductivity of the metal.


  • Stainless Steel Coils are hot pressed from steel and cold pressed into coils. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, it is convenient to process. It is divided into hot-rolled stainless steel coils and cold-rolled stainless steel coils. Steel coils are sold in the form of coils, mainly for large customers.


  • The process flow of stainless steel plate is: raw material preparation-annealing and pickling-+(intermediate grinding)-rolling-+intermediate annealing and pickling-+rolling-finished product annealing and pickling-leveling_+(finished product grinding and polishing)-shearing One pack into storage.


  • Stainless steel coils are widely used, from construction to automobiles, from transportation to storage, from industrial production to household appliances, basically covering all walks of life. Whether it is stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe or other forms of stainless steel materials, they can be seen in various fields.


  • There are roughly five types of surface processing that can be used for stainless steel plates, and they can be used in combination to transform more final products. The five types are: rolling surface processing, mechanical surface processing, chemical surface processing, textured surface processing and color surface processing.


  • Cold rolled stainless steel coils refer to cold-rolled stainless steel coils that are processed into various types of cold-rolled stainless steel coils from steel plates or strips at room temperature through cold processing such as cold drawing, cold bending, and cold drawing.