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  • After processing, 310S stainless steel strip will be polished, polished and other operations, which can not only make the surface of 310S stainless steel strip bright, but also improve its quality. Let's share the polishing performance of 310S stainless steel strip. First, dry grinding and drawing


  • The relationship between the physical properties of stainless steel strip and temperature (1) Specific heat capacity With the change of temperature, the specific heat capacity will also change, but once the metal structure changes or precipitates during the temperature change of the stainless steel strip, the specific heat capacity will change significantly.


  • 1. Mechanical properties: In terms of fatigue strength, the hardness of 201 stainless steel strip is higher, but the toughness is not as good as that of 304 stainless steel strip, and the fatigue resistance of 04 stainless steel strip is more durable.


  • Nowadays, stainless steel sheets are more and more widely used, so what are the precautions when choosing? Next, the stainless steel plate supplier will analyze it for you. 1. The rationality of the design of profiles used in stainless steel products;


  • Because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, processability, wear resistance and beautiful appearance, precision stainless steel strips have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as industry and civil use. And with the advancement of science and technology, the development of the national economy, and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, its application fields are still expanding and extending, and it has spread all over the aerospace, petrochemical, automobile, textile, electronics, home appliances, computers and precision equipment. Machining and other pillar industries that have been vigorously developed, the demand for products has also grown rapidly. Its main applications are as follows:


  • 201 stainless steel strip is widely used in the industrial field, especially in the construction field, and has many characteristics that other metals do not have. But what will happen to the 201 stainless steel strip during the slitting process? How to avoid it?