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  • 304 and 201 stainless steel is used in stainless steel tanks and the surface is usually matte. So we identify it with the touch of the naked eye and the hand. 304 stainless steel has a good luster and is smooth to the touch of the hand; The color of 201 stainless steel is dark and dull, and the feel is rough but not smooth. Also, wet your hands with water and touch the two stainless steel plates separately. The water-stained fingerprint on the 304 stainless steel plate is easy to erase after touching, while the water-stained fingerprint on the 201 stainless steel plate is not easy to erase.


  • There are many kinds of stainless steel coil product surfaces, of which 2B and BA are the two most important surfaces. What do 2B and BA mean respectively.


  • The difference between 309S stainless steel strips and 310S stainless steel strips high temperature resistance: 309S stainless steel strip and 310S stainless steel strip are commonly used products in various industries around the world.


  • 1. The site or warehouse where the stainless steel strips is stored should be selected in a clean and tidy place with smooth drainage, away from factories and mines with harmful gases or dust. Weeds and all debris should be removed from the ground to maintain the cleanliness of the steel.


  • Hot rolled stainless steel coils are steels that have been heated and rolled at high temperatures. Hot rolled steel is not very strong, but it is good enough for our use. It has good plasticity and weldability. Cold rolled stainless steel coil is a steel in which No. 1 hot rolled steel is further thinned to a target thickness by cold working such as cold drawing, cold bending, and cold drawing under normal temperature conditions. It has high strength, but poor toughness and weldability, and is relatively hard and brittle. The maximum thickness of cold rolling is below 0.1--8.0MM.


  • Stainless steel coil is the product obtained after the steel plate is coiled. According to the production technology, it can be divided into cold rolled stainless steel coil and hot rolled stainless steel coil. According to the material, it can be divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite and duplex. Stainless steel coil. At present, the application of stainless steel coil is more and more extensive, and the market prospect is also more and more broad. First of all, the stainless steel coil has the following characteristics.