stainless steel deck screws

stainless steel deck screws

Ningbo Qihong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the supply of stainless steel screws, stainless steel deck screws, stainless steel self tapping screws, stainless steel nuts, stainless steel bolts and other products. We provide non-standard screw customization services, produce various customized screws, bolts, nuts and gaskets according to customer needs, and provide customers with one-stop fastener procurement services.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

Stainless steel deck screws are fasteners specially used in outdoor environments such as ships and decks. They have the following characteristics:
Stainless resis tance: Stainless steel deck screws are made of stainless steel material that resists oxidation, corrosion and rust. When used in wet marine environments or outdoors, they will maintain good weather resistance for a long time and will not corrode due to moisture and humidity.
Durability: Stainless steel deck screws are usually manufactured from high-strength stainless steel to ensure their durability in harsh environments. They are able to withstand vibrations, shocks and other external forces during the operation of the ship, maintain the fastening effect and ensure the stability of the deck.
Anti-skid design: Stainless steel deck screws usually have special thread and head design to increase their anti-skid performance on the deck. This helps prevent people from slipping and falling on deck and provides a safer working and moving environment.
High quality: The stainless steel deck screws are manufactured with fine processing to guarantee their quality and reliability. They undergo strict quality control to ensure compliance with international standards and normative requirements.
Multiple Specifications and Sizes: Stainless steel deck screws are available in various specifications and sizes to suit different types of decks and installation needs. Common specifications include diameter, length, pitch, etc., and the appropriate screw can be determined according to the specific application.
It should be noted that when selecting stainless steel deck screws, it should also be evaluated according to the requirements and environmental conditions of the specific ship or deck material, and follow the relevant installation guidelines and recommendations to ensure fastening effect and safety. In addition, it is also very important to regularly check and maintain the state of the screws, and replace damaged or aged screws in time to keep the deck safe and stable.
2. Product Parameter (Specification)


302, 303 , 304, 18-8 ,316,  416 , 420 , 440 , 440C and other stainless steel grades

Product shape

Taper, Radius, Groove, Slot, Turning, Chamfer, Knurling, Threading,Outer circle, end face,etc.


0.4mm To 300.0 mm/Customized


3.0mm to 800mm.


Turning, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding,5 Axis Machining




ROHS, ISO9001, Salt spray testing report, etc.


Industry standard packaging or according to client's requirement



Payment terms

L/C, T/T

Delivery time

Up to order quantity and customer’s requirement,contact us to discuss

3.Product Feature And Application

Stainless steel deck screws are mainly used in fastening applications in outdoor environments such as ships and decks. The following are their common application scenarios:

Ship Construction and Repair: Stainless steel deck screws are widely used in ship construction and repair. They are used to fix parts such as decks, hull structures, portholes, ship equipment and accessories to ensure the structural stability and safe performance of the ship.

Deck installation and maintenance: In the process of deck construction, installation and maintenance, stainless steel deck screws are used to fix deck plates, deck finishing materials, deck accessories, etc., to ensure the flatness and stability of the deck.

Ship equipment fixing: Stainless steel deck screws are often used to fix ship equipment and machinery, such as anchor chain guide rails, steering gear, life-saving equipment, ventilation ducts, etc. They withstand vibration and shock, and keep equipment stationary and stable.

Deck Railings and Railings: Stainless Steel Deck Screws are used to secure fixtures such as deck railings, railings and guardrails. Due to its corrosion resistance and structural stability, it can be used for a long time in the marine environment and provides safe and reliable handrail support.

Ship interior decoration: In the process of ship interior decoration, stainless steel deck screws are used to fix decorative materials and components such as wall panels, floors, ceilings, and furniture. They provide a strong connection and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Please note that when applying stainless steel deck screws, it is necessary to select the appropriate specification and size according to the specific situation, and follow the relevant ship construction standards and installation requirements to ensure the fastening effect and safety. In addition, it is also very important to regularly check and maintain the state of the screws, and replace damaged or aging screws in time to maintain the safety and reliability of the ship.

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