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What grade should your stainless steel coil be?


There are many grades of stainless steel. QIHONG Stainless provides stainless steel coils in the following grades: 304, 304L, 316 / 316L, 301Ann, 301QH, 301HH, 301FH, 302, 309, 310, 321, 330, 347, 409, 410, 430, 600, 625, etc. The grade is determined by the chemical formula. Of all stainless steel alloys, the 300 series are the most commonly used, with alloy 304 austenitic steel being the most common type. Its versatility and strength make it the most widely used product and available in more forms and finishes than any other grade of stainless steel. Approximately 70% of all cold-rolled stainless steel manufactured is austenite, a non-magnetic solid solution of mainly iron and carbon related to its primary crystal structure. The 300 series grades are the most corrosion resistant, the most ductile, and can be easily formed and welded. Grade 304 stainless steel is the ideal grade to use, not only because of its incredible welding characteristics, but also because of its balanced austenitic structure. It is widely used in many industrial, construction and transportation related applications. Corrosion resistance or stainless steel content is related to the amount of carbon and chromium used in the finished alloy. The corrosion resistance of many grades of stainless steel comes from alloying the base iron with a minimum of 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 0.15% carbon. Chromium provides a passive film of chromium oxide that rises to the surface, coats the steel, and stops corrosion from spreading into the metal's internal structure. Therefore, increasing the amount of chromium improves corrosion resistance.