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Uses of 201 stainless steel strip

201 stainless steel strip can be used to produce all kinds of watch cases, strap bottom backs, decorative tubes, industrial tubes, and some shallow stretched products. Because 201 stainless steel strip has average anti-rust ability, 201 stainless steel strip is mainly used in civil industries that are not very demanding. Of course, 201 stainless steel strip is also often used in field open-air machines in the chemical, coal, and petroleum industries with high requirements for grain boundary corrosion, heat-resistant parts of building materials and parts with difficulty in heat treatment.

1. Oil exhaust gas combustion pipeline;
2. Engine exhaust pipe;
3. Boiler shell, heat exchanger, heating furnace parts;
4. Silencer parts for diesel engines;
5. Boiler pressure vessel;
6. Chemical transport vehicle;
7. Expansion joint;

8. Spiral welded pipe for furnace pipeline and dryer.