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Polishing performance of 310S stainless steel strip

After processing, 310S stainless steel strip will be polished, polished and other operations, which can not only make the surface of 310S stainless steel strip bright, but also improve its quality. Let's share the polishing performance of 310S stainless steel strip.
First, dry grinding and drawing

Common filaments and short filaments are on the market. 310S stainless steel strip has an outstanding decorative effect after processing such appearance, which can meet the needs of common decorative materials. Generally speaking, 310S stainless steel strip can play a good role after sanding. Due to the low cost, simple operation, low processing cost and wide range of use of such processing equipment, it has become a necessary equipment for processing. Therefore, most of the frosted plates of filaments and short filaments can be provided in the middle of processing, of which 310S stainless steel accounts for more than 80%.

Second, oil grinding and wire drawing

310S stainless steel strip reflects the complete decorative effect through oil grinding, and is widely used in decorative panels such as elevators and household appliances. Cold-rolled 310S stainless steel can usually achieve outstanding results after frosted grade. At present, there are some processes on the market that can provide oil grinding processing of hot-rolled stainless steel, and its effect is equal to that of cold-rolled oil milling.

Oily wire drawing can also be divided into filaments and short filament. Elevator decoration usually uses filament, using a variety of small appliances, kitchenware and other two textures.

3. 8K processing

310S stainless steel strip is significantly better than 8K series stainless steel strip in 200K machining. The 2B cold-rolled appearance is 8K ground and usually achieved by grade processing to achieve a mirror effect. At present, 8K grinding technology with nitrate and iron oxide red is inexpensive, the cost of the value equipment itself is low, and the overall grinding cost is low, and it is widely implemented.

Fourth, titanium

The choice of high-end decorative materials is rich in functionality. 310S stainless steel strip was used for titanium decoration in the early days and was widely used in the construction of elevators and decorative materials.

The above is about the polishing performance of 310S stainless steel strip. Well-polished 310S stainless steel strip can be recognized by consumers and more widely used.