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Three common polishing methods for stainless steel plate manufacturers

1. Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is mainly used in some small batches of complex parts and stainless steel plates that do not have high requirements for brightness, the main advantage of chemical polishing is that it can effectively polish complex parts, and high efficiency, the parts after chemical polishing treatment have good corrosion resistance, and the use of chemical polishing for processing equipment investment is relatively small.

2. Electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing is mainly used in some high-grade stainless steel plates, the processing technology is stable and simple to operate, and electrochemical polishing can keep the mirror surface of the processed parts glossy for a long time.

3. Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing is currently mainly used for simple parts and stainless steel plates with small volume, which have good flatness after processing, and have good polishing effect and high brightness.