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What fields can stainless steel coils be used in?

Stainless steel coils are widely used, from construction to automobiles, from transportation to storage, from industrial production to household appliances, basically covering all walks of life. Whether it is stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe or other forms of stainless steel materials, they can be seen in various fields.
auto industry
The application of stainless steel in the automotive industry should be regarded as a relatively developed application field of stainless steel plate. Using high-strength stainless steel plate as the raw material for the car body structure can greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle and enhance the strength of the overall structure of the vehicle. If the vehicle panel is made of stainless steel plate, it can effectively save maintenance costs. In addition, stainless steel sheets are used in the production of automotive exhaust systems due to their good resistance to chloride ion corrosion and heat resistance.

construction industry

The application of stainless steel coils in the construction field has a long history and is also one of the most widely used fields. In terms of construction and home decoration, stainless steel coils are often used in the exterior walls of high-rise buildings, indoor and outdoor columns. In addition, there are internal and external components such as handrails, elevator panels, doors and windows. In addition, the surface treatment of stainless steel sheets, such as coloring and coating of stainless steel sheets, can solve the problem of easy fingerprints after touching, improve the decorative aesthetics, and further expand the application field of stainless steel sheet coils.

Home appliance business

As far as household appliances are concerned, the consumption of stainless steel is also very large. Just look at the inner barrel of an automatic washing machine, the inner tank of a water heater, the inner shell of a microwave oven, the inner lining of a refrigerator, etc., and it is necessary to know that household appliances often use ferritic stainless steel coils as raw materials. In addition, with the increasing popularity of real estate, the demand for home appliances is increasing, and the same amount of stainless steel coils is also surprising.

water industry

There is now increasing concern about the possible contamination of water during storage and transportation. Practice has shown that stainless steel coils are very suitable as raw materials for water industry equipment such as water production, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, and seawater desalination. Its advantages are: corrosion resistance, shock resistance, water saving, sanitation (no rust and patina), light weight (1/3 reduction), less maintenance, long service life (can be used for 40 years), low life cycle cost (LCC), It is a recyclable green environmental protection material.

industrial facility

The proportion of stainless steel coils used in industrial facilities in developed countries can usually reach 15%-20%, and now the proportion of domestic applications is also rising. On the one hand, this is due to the introduction of complete sets of industrial equipment, stainless steel coil materials have not yet been counted, on the other hand, because domestic materials are also used. Stainless steel coils are used in chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, papermaking, food, medicine, energy (nuclear power, thermal power, fuel cells) and other fields. With the improvement of the quality of domestic stainless steel coils and the development of special brand products, the application of stainless steel coils in domestic industrial facilities will increase year by year in the future.

Environmental Protection Industry

Stainless steel coils are not only used in industrial production, but can also be used as raw materials for industrial waste gas, garbage and sewage treatment plants. In the flue gas desulfurization process, in order to resist the corrosion of sulfur dioxide, chloride ions and iron ions, it is necessary to use duplex stainless steel coils and high-grade austenitic stainless steel in the absorption tower, cooler, pump, valve, flue and other waste incinerators Coils, wastewater treatment and other facilities require high performance stainless steel coils.