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Characteristics and application of 301 stainless steel strips

The characteristics of 301 stainless steel strips:
       1. Excellent surface quality and good brightness
       2. Strong corrosion resistance
       3. High tensile strength and fatigue resistance
       4. The chemical composition is stable, the steel is pure, and the inclusion content is low
Application of stainless steel strips:
      1. Control the movement of machinery, such as valve shrapnel in internal combustion engines, control shrapnel in clutches, etc.
      2. Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer shrapnel under automobiles and train carriages, vibration absorbing shrapnel in couplings, etc.
      3. Store and output energy as power, such as watch shrapnel, shrapnel in firearms, etc.

      4. Used as force measuring element, such as dynamometer, shrapnel in shrapnel scale, etc.