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How to purchase 316L stainless steel strip

For the procurement of stainless steel products, the purchase of 316L stainless steel strip is a frequent problem. So, when purchasing 316L stainless steel strip, what problems should be paid attention to? 

1,316L stainless steel strip surface, thickness.

When we buy, the first thing we can intuitively judge is the outer surface of the 316L stainless steel strip. Whether the outer surface is smooth and flat, and whether the thickness is uniform are the key points for examining the quality of the 316L stainless steel strip. Many experienced friends will focus on observing whether there are pockmarks and rust marks on the surface of the product, sometimes it is inevitable that there are pockmarks on the 316L stainless steel strip, we try to choose less pockmarks.

2, the price of 316L stainless steel strip

When buying 316L stainless steel strip, even if "good quality and low price" is our ultimate goal, if the price is too low, we must remain vigilant. Because there are many adulterated and inferior products on the market, if the price of the product is lower than the normal market price, we must consider whether to mix other inferior materials.

3, 316L stainless steel with logo + product quality manual

The outer surface of the 316L stainless steel strip produced by the regular manufacturer will be printed with the words 316L, and we can check it when purchasing. You can also ask the seller for the product quality specification to provide protection for our purchase.

4. Reagent detection

Here for everyone to popularize an acid reagent detection method, if it is 316L stainless steel strip, soaking acid reagents will not change color. If you find that the color is changed, it means that there are other impurities. We can use this method to check the purity of the product.

5. Testing by professional institutions

For friends with large purchase volumes, we can take small samples to professional institutions for testing and analyzing the ingredients. If you have a handheld spectrometer in hand, you can also check the composition and content yourself.

6. Business reputation

When purchasing 316L stainless steel materials, you can first understand the product reputation of local merchants, discuss information with peers, and also retrieve product evaluations of local merchants online