416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins
  • 416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins

416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins

Ningbo Qihong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying 416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins. We offer a wide range of stainless steel dowel pins in various sizes and can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements based on technical drawings. With extensive experience in the sales of stainless steel dowel pins, we take pride in delivering top-quality products at competitive prices. We are eager to establish a lasting partnership with you in China.

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Product Description

416 stainless steel precision dowel pins are specialized fasteners made from 416 stainless steel. These dowel pins are known for their high machinability, corrosion resistance, and dimensional accuracy, making them ideal for precision applications.

Material - 416 Stainless Steel:

The 416 stainless steel is a martensitic stainless steel known for its excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, particularly in mildly corrosive environments. It contains about 12% chromium, which provides its corrosion resistance, and can be heat-treated to enhance its mechanical properties.

Key Features of 416 Stainless Steel Precision Dowel Pins:

Precision Tolerance: These dowel pins are manufactured with tight dimensional tolerances, ensuring precise and consistent fits in mating parts. This precision is crucial in applications where alignment and accuracy are essential.

Corrosion Resistance: 416 stainless steel offers good resistance to corrosion in mildly corrosive environments. However, it is not as corrosion-resistant as some other stainless steel grades like 304 or 316, so it may not be suitable for highly corrosive applications.

Machinability: 416 stainless steel is highly machinable, making it easy to produce dowel pins with precise dimensions. This is particularly important for precision applications.

Heat-Treatable: 416 stainless steel can be heat-treated to improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness and strength.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)


302, 303 , 304, 18-8 ,316,  416 , 420 , 440 , 440C and other stainless steel grades

Product shape

Taper, Radius, Groove, Slot, Turning, Chamfer, Knurling, Threading,Outer circle, end face,etc.


0.4 mm To 300.0 mm/Customized


3.0 mm to 800 mm.


Turning, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding,5 Axis Machining




ROHS, ISO9001, Salt spray testing report, etc.


Industry standard packaging or according to client's requirement



Payment terms

L/C, T/T

Delivery time

Up to order quantity and customer’s requirement,contact us to discuss

3.Product Feature And Application

The 416 stainless steel precision dowel pins are used in a variety of applications where precision alignment, accuracy, and resistance to corrosion are required. Some common applications include:

Automotive: These dowel pins are used in engine components, transmissions, and suspension systems where precise alignment is critical.

Aerospace: In aircraft and aerospace applications, precision dowel pins are used for component alignment, fastening, and assembly.

Industrial Machinery: They find use in industrial equipment and machinery where accurate positioning and assembly are vital.

Medical Devices: Precision dowel pins are employed in the manufacture of medical devices and equipment that demand high accuracy.

Electronics: In electronics manufacturing, these dowel pins can help ensure precise alignment and connections in circuit boards and assemblies.

Tool and Die Making: Tool and die makers use precision dowel pins for accurate alignment and assembly of dies and molds.

It's important to select the appropriate size, length, and tolerance class of dowel pin for a specific application. The use of precision dowel pins can improve the performance and longevity of mechanical assemblies, ensuring that parts fit together accurately and securely.

4.Product Details


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